Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Categorically Speaking

My three favorite categories of women that you invariably find in your social circle are -

The damsel in distress - who pretends to be "lost" all the time. Doesn't like doing anything by herself. Talks like a child and is always batting her eyelids. All she has to do squeal when an ant crosses her path and you'll come running to her side. One tear (fake or real) is all it takes for you to leave an important meeting. She will hold on to you. You feel needed, no; You feel wanted and in control ! Although, you're never in control. High maintenance - yes, lot's. Lovable - yes, lot's. Great practice for fatherhood.

The crazy friend - the girl who'll sit and talk to you about "anything" all day/night long. Drink lot's and lot's with you. She will help you scout. She's "awesome" and maybe you want her but you're scared - to ruin what already exists. Sometimes, maybe, it is possible - that - she intimidates you. She, on the other hand, may want to be picked but at the cost of ruining her "un-romantic" image ? Talks a lot no matter where and when. Is your mother's pick - most often. High maintenance - emotionally, yes. Lovable - lot's. You will probably get tired of this friend when she begins to steal your thunder.

Ferocious independent child - as much as she tells you that she doesn't need you, the truth is that she really does. She likes her space and enjoys the company of a select few. Snobbish at the sight of those she feels threatened by. Trying to draw boundaries sometimes with the risk of being extremely guarded and then inviting trouble. You like this child because she makes sure she's in control yet also makes you feel wanted - she craves some attention. High maintenance - yes. Lovable - lot's.


Thank you HIMYM !

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mammama Heart-ness

I am the granddaughter of a woman made of steel, grit and lot's of iron !
A gold medalist in mathematics, growing up in Mylapore - (quintessential Brahmin locality in Chennai, India), working in a bank. Married her 3rd cousin who loves non-veg, entertaining, golf, yoga, music and his large family.
While being lost in a society she was never exposed to, she never forgot to keep her chin up and learn to merge - to become one of them. In that process not losing what she has always firmly believed in and all that she has grown up with.

Moving and relocating to northern parts of India did seem difficult initially but this gave her an opportunity to meet the Who's Who of the advertising, marketing, FMCG industries and feel important.
She would and still does enjoy cooking. Anything. Any number of people.
She knows her languages. She fought a life threatening disease and didn't succumb to it. For that, I'm thankful !
Losing her husband at a relatively young age didn't leave her stranded but made her stronger. With the children staying abroad, she managed to relocate permanently to a city she knew nothing about. She showed the world that all it takes is courage and sheer determination to deal and survive. Living alone for the longest time - got many of us worried, but she refused and still does - to ask for or accept help; unless absolutely necessary.

She looks after my finances. She takes care of my mother's needs. She will worry for you, your family, your entire clan. She's stubborn and sometimes indifferent. She'll remind you to book your tickets on time and never visit a restaurant if she's had a bad experience there. She has given me the strength and ability to not lose faith in myself despite all that I've gone through. She wishes to see me married, someday. I wish that for her, as well.
While we argue and it sometimes gets crazy with 3 hyper women living under one roof - there is a special bond that goes beyond blood and familial ties. There is an unsaid connection of respect, admiration, love that keeps us going. We watch t.v shows, gossip about sheer nonsense, play scrabble, make mithai, holiday and laugh together - all the time.

Today I salute the woman who has taught me to smile in the face of difficulties, take care of myself, looked after my craziest needs and managed to bear with my antics for over 2 years now.