Sunday, January 23, 2011

City#2 Clique

When you stay away from home - you're scared, worried and distressed. But if you have family to comfort you - all the worry goes away.
For my parents staying away from home - meant moving to another country. Boriya bistar bandkey. Their common concerns involved finding suitable accommodation, good school, make enough monies and have a relatively calm/normal social life. Luckily Mother of mine had her Maamujaan staying there.
One evening we were introduced to a group of people whom we never realized would become our family away from home.
We spoke the same language. We had a similar background. We had all left our "homes" in search of a different life.
My fondest memories of City#2 were about meeting almost every week for pot luck dinners, planned picnics, birthday parties, Diwali, Eid, New Year Eve parties, movies at Strand, meeting by chance in school.
The evenings would only begin by 9:00p.m and go on till 01:00am. The amount of food and Coca Cola is indescribable. We would play Bingo, 4 corners, passing the parcel, Queen of Sheeba and the list goes on. Tanzi being the youngest was always given a prize ! Number 11 was Sonali Bendre's legs !
Eventually - the group got larger. The youngsters grew up, got married ! Their spouses didn't know what hit them - with the uncles and auntys making them the butt of all jokes !
This family would go to any length to make sure that they were part of your happy event be it in the city or at Home. They came, they danced, they cried and they laughed !
Then came small small bacha party. Also, retirement struck - the group dwindled and people left. There was always a void that was impossible to fill. But thanks to Gtalk, Facebook and various online Amchi groups - we've stuck together.
When the hard realities of life struck - this family never left our side. They were there. They are here !
Today, everyone is bending backwards, standing on their heads to get prospective grooms to get married to a few of us. We find it amusing, overwhelming and heart warming.

For my parents - this was their Clique. It is their Clique. For so many reasons that are difficult to express in words - I'm glad my parents moved to City#2 and were welcomed into their homes and hearts !

Now, I say Thank You; For the wonderful memories of an unknown land and for being better than the best.