Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fiction - I

The fish bowl broke. Shattered on the ground. There was water all around.
The green turned to red and eventually there was nothing but black. Soon, the smile returned. Maybe because it's exactly what she always wanted.
That infinite space. The ability to do nothing but just stare. At what, you may wonder ? Most often, she didn't have an answer as well !
Slowly, the balcony became her home. It was the one place she was not answerable to anybody. It was also the one place where she could dream without boundaries. As she sat there holding her hot cup of strong coffee - she stopped "thinking." She just stared !

Day turned to night and there were no stars. But the moon was bright. It seemed happy and that annoyed her ! She wanted to destroy it all. There was nothing to be all shiny about ! Or was there.
The door bell rang - she ran. Left her comfort zone. Came face to face with the one person she didn't want to see at that moment. Her heart raced. Her shoulders dropped.
She gave in. That was it. There probably was no looking back anymore !

The glass disappeared. The stars came out. The balcony was converted into a store area. It was all alright. Eventually. Just alright !

Friday, August 20, 2010

Pah !

Spicy Masala Peanuts worries.
Green eyed Monster encourages yet says no.
The new found dancing love(r) has hardly slept and worries.
Firnagi encourages and laughs yet worries too.
Broke laughs but silence says it all.
Sheldon's oldest fan worries and oxytocin sharing is a natural process.
The knowing it all and incarnation is always - just !

In your face - Karma. I know "we're on a break" but you still louve me and there's a special place always !

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


  • We will meet and laugh and hug. Cry (not)
  • I shall drive on the streets of my favourite city !
  • I will make the most amazing dark chocolate cake
  • My phone will not be the only mode of communication
  • I will go the the peak of the mountain and (maybe) meditate.
  • Abhay Deol will be my traveling companion
  • Cynicism will stop taking over my (our) life/lives
  • I will own pretty and very expensive pink heels
  • Tiramisu and Oreo will be my pets
  • You and I will eat the biggest burger ever
  • You will realize that I was awesome and you are and always have been selfish
  • All that will remain is your black and white picture staring at us - reminding us to continue having fun
  • The mutton biryani will be as yummy as it is meant to be
  • I'll look gorgeous at your wedding
  • We'll sit by the sea shore and lose count of the stars conspiring against us
  • Greece will welcome me with open arms
  • The lobster theory will take over our lives
  • People will stop laughing at your name
  • We will think before jumping to conclusions
  • You will ask me how I feel and I'll just turn my face away
  • I will miss you so much that it hurts to even think about anything remotely connected with us
  • The world will be more peaceful and less annoying
  • You will understand how important it is to compromise and adjust
  • My nails will be long enough to go ahead with crazy/pwetty artwork
  • You'll be famous but not forget where you came from

Monday, August 9, 2010


The last time I -
  • Slept peacefully
  • Cried tears of joy
  • Held a baby in my arms
  • Wore a pink skirt
  • Drove off to Ambur
  • Hugged my daddy
  • Watched a movie alone
  • Ate a tub of ice-cream by myself
  • Was kissed on my forehead
  • Went to Goa and sat by the sea without a care in the world
  • Hurled curses at the bike guy who just splashed keechad on me
  • When I wasn't so cynical of a man climbing a ladder to the woman's balcony to tell her that he has always loved her
  • Ate samosa and green chutney only for a dirham
  • Danced with a boy who knew how to
  • Scratched tanzi banzi only to get her mad at me
  • Deleted pictures from my "memory case"
  • Had tequilla shots
  • Actually believed that the tooth fairy loved me more than the manipulative universe
  • Attended a wedding and felt extremely happy for the couple and their families
  • Enjoyed getting up every morning - no matter what
  • Danced and danced and danced
  • Traveled business class and got pampered
  • Felt ecstatic

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

03 August, 2010 - Relief

I was the favourite. Only son's oldest daughter. I was/am pampered and I was/am cherished. I got what I wanted and I was allowed to do anything at any time.

My daddy was his confidant and if you may have it - his soul mate. He was my grandmother's husband of 57 years. He was my aunts' "best" and handsome-est daddy.

He was my grandfather. With silver hair and the "poojie" at the nape of his neck. With immense knowledge about anything. The zest to watch a cricket match late into the night. The ability to crack the dirtiest jokes at any given time of the day. A master at spoiling us all !

The man, gave up after a while. He could not have dealt with it. But he stood tall and faced reality.

The morning walks will never be the same again. Festivals and family functions will not be complete. The best amongst us - has left the building. Only, to be with his best budster.

I thank you for making me your princess. For, promising to look after me and getting me married. I thank you, for doing the best you could and always loving me. For forgiving me. For the immensely tight hugs and unlimited supply of love.

Your love story will be a benchmark for generations to come. Your sincerity and dedication will be praised and spoken about - till eternity.

When the mangoes are cut - I'll smile ! Always. I never said it often enough, but I love you. Always have and always will.

Secretly, you have been my favourite-est ;-) But, you knew that. Didn't you ?