Monday, December 13, 2010

Dec '09 with The Clique

December happens to be my favorite month.
It's wintery and cold.
There are always weddings to attend. Time to dance, party and look pretty.
Out of town(ies) make it a point to come over and then all hell breaks lose !
Ponjees' burrday(s).
It's Christmas - so there's midnight mass, AuntyP's awesome pork curry/grilled lamb chops.
Of course, New Year's Eve when people get out of their minds and things can go - pretty - wild.

One year ago - I had a relatively similar December. However, for 4 days of that month, that year - I was transported to a different zone altogether. Suddenly, I was saying "hello" way too many times !
I met - what I call today - The Clique. A group of fun loving, smart, cute, friendly, awesome, happy, cheerful bunch of people ! It was sort of "a chance" meeting. Lemony suggested I should stick around in the city of dreams and meet her Tall Darling's frandships. I couldn't refuse - because I like saying "hello."

It was a crazy time from the word go. While I had no idea about K - we hit it off. My suggestion to cook butter chicken with whatever ingredients and utensils he had was met with extreme enthusiasm. My suggestion to make jell-o shots were also received with happy-ness and ofcourse a little apprehension. As I sat there - in came Gandalf with a smile to die for and an attitude to fall for. The tall consultant followed who had a counseling sessions with me followed by a conversation with another gult that K always enjoys narrating.
We head to the airport to receive Lemony, Sleepy and The Local Banker (TLB). From then on it was a sooper fun time that I'll never regret agreeing to be a part of.
With crates of Carlsberg, frozen strawberry jell-o shots, Blue liquids, jeera aloo, maggi with scrambled egg - the unknown became the known ! Visit to Chillis, Mondy's, HRC ! Carrying my heavy large suitcase around - Basillico and Theos.
The glowing talking ball - the passing it around - the staying up all night long youtubing - WVWT !
Strangers becoming Friends and not wanting me to leave for another day. Promises of more fun times - that have always been kept !
The downing of Tang with God knows what and why ? The auto ride to the airport without a ticket and of course Sleepy having to leave his mark roadside while Dada sings !
The next few weeks revolved around reminiscing happy times and commenting on pictures and always making sure that we sing/play Tip Tip Barsa Paani for times of immense joy.

Gtalk - Blogs - Trips to other parts of the country/world - Blackberry - Facebook - Phone Calls : Much Heart-ness !

Post this awesome winter - I'm glad and thankful that these strangers became friends. I'm glad I decided to say "hello."
This Clique of this particular winter - gets my vote for many categories.


  1. ask the Clique how thankful they are that u decided to say hello! i think as much as u have gained new friends, they have the honor of calling u their friend!!! ur awesome! dec'09 was awesome! n for a large part, because u were there..

  2. co-sign @Bhumika! too drunk and lazy to write more but you know what i mean :)