Friday, December 17, 2010

Wish list

Dear Karma,

I understand and have begun to accept the hard truth that you and I can probably never be on cordial terms. Which is fine by me. However, I'm beginning to worry. Just a little.
So, again I ask of you that...
next year -
  • Get the Metro work in Namma Bengaluru up and ready. The roads, the traffic - making people mad. Tempers flying all around and people's stress levels soaring way too high ! Also, dust - lot's
  • Give me strength to move from my seat and get myself a Driving License. Mother of mine and I can finally go on our much pushed away gastronomical journeys !
  • No heart breaks for my ponjees and Me. Now, we're tired. Either it's someone worth it or nobody at all. No in-between(s).
  • Good weather throughout the year.
  • Lot's of holidays to far away exotic locations
  • Monies so that I can head to Mumbai and Dilli - whenever !
  • Please, please - growth/supply of cocoa beans in this world never decrease/end due to global warming or any other environmental factors.
  • No funerals. I'm tired. Fed up.
  • Healthy lives for those who believe in the gift of life. For those suffering - put a stop and help them move on.
  • More poochie love !
  • Big fat or simple happy - engagement(s) and wedding(s). But lot's of reasons to look pwetty, dance and cry big tears of joy.
  • Children(s) get admission to good schools, colleges, universities and have the time of their lives.
  • Pink must never go out of fashion. More shoe stores to open in my city.
  • Good - jobs and pay packages - for all.
  • Lot's of tip tip barsa paani moments; preferably in the company of awesome-ness.
  • Never ending louve, support and madness from family and frandships !
I hope you get where I'm coming from, Karma.

On that note, thank you for the valuable lessons of 2010.

Complicated love and hugs,


  1. i love it. and i wish it all for you. with all my heart.

  2. i <3 u, u know? because even this simple prayer touched my heart somewhere and reinforced the truth of ur words.. 2010 has been tough, yes.. 2011, bring it on!

  3. Both of you <3
    I wish a wonderful 2011 for you as well. Some of the wishes are for you, too.

  4. A prayer which everyone here has in their heart and you have put it in words for us.
    Thank You

  5. :) such a sweet post! hope your wishes and dreams come true!

  6. wow! this is the first time im reading one of your posts I have to say its a really sweet and honest one.... luved every one of your wishes on the list... Hope the new year truly brings about some awesomeness in our lives... me too wishing badly n keeping my toes and fingers crossed too... :):)

  7. Bong - Much thanks ! I'm disappointed and surprised that you haven't read my earlier entries !! anyhow, never too late to begin. I wish a wonderful 2011 for you as well :)

    B - thanks muchly. I wish a beautiful and fun filled 2011 for you :)

  8. Actually I was not aware of your blogspot only.... don't know how...I chanced upon this luckily... now I have read quite of your posts... :):):)